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What We Do

The goal of our Growth Club is to build a cleaner future through revolutionising the energy industry.

We're finding startups with ideas about how this can be done and giving them what they need to do it — expertise, development opportunities, funding and premises.

We accelerate the growth of mission-driven startups; together we're optimising the way resources are produced and consumed.

Our Vision

Discussion around our climate is negative in the extreme — and not without reason. There's no denying that we have an increasingly limited amount of time left to solve climate related problems. But while extreme reports can create a sense of urgency, alarming news can also be paralysing.

Through Valkea, we hope to change the conversation so that others believe things can improve. We want to increase confidence in innovation and show how it makes a better future possible.

Our vision is to build a community of action-oriented entrepreneurs who will inspire others, transforming our relationship with the earth and its resources.

Our Goals

The main goal that unites everyone associated with Valkea Growth Club is to create a cleaner future. The startups we work with have their own more specific objectives that they are working towards in order to achieve this ultimate goal.

Here are some of the goals we're supporting our portfolio companies in reaching:

  • To make power consumption more efficient
  • To reduce emissions
  • To reduce reliance on fossil fuels by enabling global use of electric vehicles
  • To extend the life of batteries
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Our goal is to build a cleaner future through transforming the energy industry.

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